NEC KT-100TX1 HDBaseT Transmitter

NEC KT-100TX1 HDBaseT Transmitter

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NEC KT100TX1 (KT-100TX1) HDBaseT Transmitter

  • The following units are compatible with the KT-100TX1 when the optional OPS module SB-07BC is used: E705, E805, E905, P403, P463, P553, P702, P703, V322, V323, V323-2, V422, V423, V423-TM, V462, V463, V463-TM, V551, V552, V552-TM, V651, V652, V652-TM, V801, V801-TM, X401S, X461S, X462S, X463UN, X464UN, X464UN-2, X464UNS, X464UNV, X464UNV-2, X474HB, X754HB, X551S, X551UN, X552S, X554UN, X554UN-2, X554UNS, X554UNV, X651UHD, X842UHD, X981UHD, PX700W2, PX750U2, PX800X2, PH1000U, PH1400U


Transmit HDBaseT (video, audio and control) signal via a single UTP/STP category 5e or category 6 cable


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