Kramer VS-44FO 29-80040110 3G HD–SDI Matrix Switcher

Kramer VS-44FO 29-80040110 3G HD–SDI Matrix Switcher

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Quick Overview

Kramer VS-44FO 29-80040110 3G HD-SDI Matrix Switcher features:

  • Max. Data Rate - 3Gbps.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • Optional SFP Modules - Maximum of 4 can be installed. Minimum of 1 is required.
  • Genlock Looping Input.
  • Selectable Sync Signal Termination.
  • Automatic Reclocking and Equalization.
  • Active Input™ Reporting - Each input button on the front panel automatically lights up when the unit detects a video signal on that input. Red indicates a standard definition (SDI) input signal and blue indicates a high definition (HD-SDI) input signal.
  • Multiple Memory Locations - Stores multiple switches as presets (salvos) to be recalled and executed when needed.
  • Take Button - Executes multiple switches all at once.
  • Vertical Interval Switching - Compliant with SMPTE RP-168.


The Kramer VS-44FO 29-80040110 is a matrix switcher for 3G HD−SDI video signals over fiber optical cable. The unit can switch any or all inputs to any or all outputs.


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