Kramer VDS-CU 50-0000899011 Control Unit

Kramer VDS-CU 50-0000899011 Control Unit

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Quick Overview

Kramer VDS-CU 50-0000899011 Control Unit features:

  • Max Resolution - 1080p.
  • System Range - 110m (360ft), 250m (820ft).
  • Cost Efficient Transmission - Transmit to two back-to-back screens via a single (dual screen) remote.
  • Out-of-Band System - For fast image transfer.
  • Local PC Input - On remote for classroom control applications.
  • Power Over CATx - No need for power supply at the remote side.
  • No Player or Computer Needed at Display End.
  • Optional Remote - On/off screen control.


The Kramer VDS-CU 50-0000899011 Video Display System is a distribution system for analog computer graphics video signals up to 1080p. The system, including a broadcaster, splitter and receiver, can distribute the signals over CAT 5 cable from the source to hundreds of displays.


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