Kramer TBUS-202XL(B) 91-000088 Dual Multi–Connection Solution

Kramer TBUS-202XL(B) 91-000088 Dual Multi–Connection Solution

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Quick Overview

Kramer TBUS-202XL(B) 91-000088 Dual Multi-Connection Solution features:

  • Pneumatic Lift - Easy opening & closing by pressing down gently on the covers. When not in use, they lower flush with the table.
  • Power Input - Universal, USA, European and many other worldwide power sockets available. Power socket modules are purchased separately.
  • 4 Fixed Inputs per Connecting Surface - 15-pin HD, HDMI, 3.5mm & Ethernet.
  • Elegant and Rugged Rectangular Design - The sturdy and attractive anodized aluminum enclosure provides maximum connectivity in the smallest possible footprint, and at the same time is cost effective and easy to install.
  • Installation Requirements - Requires tools and expertise to cut a 267mm x 122mm (10.5" x 4.8") rectangular hole in the surface of the furniture. Maximum table thickness is 76mm (3").


Kramer's TBUS-202XL(B) 91-000088 provides an extremely simple, affordable and elegant single-push dual pop-up multi-connection boardroom solution. By pressing down gently on the lid, the unit opens and closes pneumatically. TBUS-202xl is fast and easy to install and flexible to configure. It opens facing both sides of the table making it ideal for any meeting room.


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