Kramer TAVOR 8-SUB 60-000076 8–Inch Powered Subwoofer

Kramer TAVOR 8-SUB 60-000076 8–Inch Powered Subwoofer

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Quick Overview

Kramer TAVOR 8-SUB 60-000076 8-Inch Powered Subwoofer features:

  • Type - Powered subwoofer.
  • Woofer - 8" aluminum with rubber surround.
  • Frequency Response - 30Hz to 600Hz @-10dB.
  • Built In Power Amplifier - 50W RMS, 140W continuous program.
  • Inputs - 1 line level stereo on RCA connectors, 1 LFE input on an RCA connector, 2 high-level inputs on binding posts.
  • Volume Level Knob.
  • Crossover Frequency Adjustment - 65Hz to 150Hz on a control knob.
  • Reverse Phase Selector - 0 or 180Deg.
  • Optional Auto Standby.
  • Selectable Power Settings - 110-120V AC, 220-240V AC.


The Kramer TAVOR 8-SUB 60-000076 is a powered subwoofer that can be mounted on the wall, the floor or next to the wall in a way that hides the control panel. The product reproduces low−range audio frequencies and includes auto standby and adjustable crossover frequencies.


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