Kramer SX42DU-3 20-0001490 HSL Secure Mini-Matrix

Kramer SX42DU-3 20-0001490 HSL Secure Mini-Matrix

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Quick Overview

Kramer SX42DU-3 20-0001490 HSL Secure Mini-Matrix features:

  • Highest Security by Design - Compatible with the latest requirements of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profile PSS Ver 3.0 for peripheral sharing switch devices.
  • Work Freely Without Compromising Security - Display and control classified and non-classified computers without compromising security.
  • Cost Effective Solution - More flexible than a KVM, less space consuming than a KM, less expensive than a KVM combiner.
  • Flexible Video Projection - Interact with multiple computers and project to multiple connected displays. Duplicate presenter/guest computer display onto a big screen TV.
  • Virtual Display Technology (VDT) - Seamless keyboard, mouse and audio switching between computers once mouse cursor crosses display borders.
  • Biometric/Smart-Card Reader Support - Connect a smartcard/biometric reader to the Mini Matrix DPP secure port to support user authentication across multiple isolated computers.


The Kramer SX42DU-3 20-0001490 HSL’s secure Mini Matrix KVMA switch devices allow a single user to share two displays and a single set of keyboard, mouse & audio between multiple computers that belong to different security classification levels while isolating all hosts and protecting against data leakage and malicious attacks through shared USB, keyboard, mouse, video and audio peripherals.


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