Kramer SPK-C813(W) 60-160108480 Ceiling Tile Speaker

Kramer SPK-C813(W) 60-160108480 Ceiling Tile Speaker

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Kramer SPK-C813(W) 60-160108480 Ceiling Tile Speaker features:

  • Complete K-overage ESD™ - Patent pending design with 4 pivoting tweeters direct the sound, based on the room environment, for equal sound dispersion (ESD).
  • Wide Sound Dispersion - 180° range.
  • Minimizes Speaker Installation - One Kramer ESD speaker replaces multiple standard speakers for quick and easy installation.
  • Excellent Bass Response - Optimized for music and high-quality voice reproduction.
  • Tweeters - 4 pivoting 3/4" 6Ω with silk domes.
  • Woofer - 8" 8Ω polypropylene cone.
  • Power Rating - 40W RMS.
  • Smooth Frequency Response.
  • Depth - Shallow 4" (approx. 100mm).
  • RoHS Compliant.


The Kramer SPK-C813(W) 60-160108480 is an innovative, patent pending Kramer Complete K−overage ESD™ ceiling speaker. It is the only speaker in the industry with built−in stereo separation. Constructed with a central driver and four pivoting tweeters in a sealed enclosure, the Kramer Complete K−overage ESD™ provides unmatched sound response for both voice and music in a suspended ceiling device for the professional market.


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