Kramer SL-10 31-70900190 Ethernet Room Controller

Kramer SL-10 31-70900190 Ethernet Room Controller

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Kramer SL-10 31-70900190 Ethernet Room Controller features:

  • 1 Ethernet Port - Connects to control gateways for I/O port extending, and controls IP-enabled controlled devices.
  • 1 K-NET™ Connector - Connects to room control system, either master room controller, or auxiliary control keypads.
  • K-NET™ Single Link Connection - Provides a single control system cable-connectivity, carrying both power and control communication.
  • 1 RS-485 & 2 RS-232 Bi-directional Control Ports - Controls a device via bi-directional serial control protocols.
  • 2 IR Emitter Control Ports - Control devices via IR control protocols.
  • 5 Relay Control Ports - Control devices via relay contact closure, such as scrolling up and down screens, drapes, shades, and blinds.
  • Simultaneous IP Control Communication - With up to 15 IP control clients.
  • Kramer K-Config™ Compatible - Win-based control program easy configuration and upload to room controller over customer IP network.
  • Kramer Site-CTRL™ Compatible - Remote customer site control and management over customer IP network.
  • IR Sensor and IR Input Ports - Learn commands from IR remotes.


The Kramer SL-10 31-70900190 is a room controller capable for deployment over customer Ethernet LAN. According to its K−Config configured control program, it controls customer controlled devices such as AV scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, DVD players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lighting. The room controller controls customer devices via its local bidirectional one RS−485 and two RS−232, two IR, two GPI/O, and three Relay control connections. Concurrently, the room controller controls IP−enabled devices and remote devices via its Ethernet connection. Multiple Kramer control gateways can be IP−connected for I/O ports extension and remote control of customer devices. Typically serving as the master room controller of the room control system, the SL−10 can be connected to other room auxiliary controllers and control keypads, through its KNET™ connection, for both powering and room control communication.


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