Kramer SG-6005xI 45-70639010 Multi–Standard Composite

Kramer SG-6005xI 45-70639010 Multi–Standard Composite

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Quick Overview

Kramer SG-6005xI 45-70639010 Multi-Standard Composite features:

  • 10 Composite Video Outputs.
  • 8 Color Bar Patterns.
  • Ultra Stable - 1ppm frequency tolerance.
  • Color Bar or Black Burst (Output Selectable).
  • SCH/Phase Adjust.
  • Looping Analog Genlock Input - For sync and color locking.
  • Selectable Sync Input Signal Termination.
  • Audio Outputs - Balanced (2 XLR), unbalanced (2 RCA), AES-3id (2 BNC) & AES/EBU (2 XLR).
  • Frequency & Amplitude Adjustable.
  • Control - Front panel & RS-232 (Kramer's K-Router™ Windows®-based software is included).


The Kramer SG-6005xI 45-70639010 is a broadcast quality black burst, color bar, sync, and audio tone generator for composite video and audio applications. The unit outputs ten composite video and two AES-3id audio signals on BNC connectors, two balanced stereo and two AES/EBU audio signals on XLR connectors and an unbalanced stereo audio signal on two RCA connectors. The unit can be genlocked to an external video source.


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