Kramer RTBUS-12(B) 80-80066099 Round Mount Multi–Connection

Kramer RTBUS-12(B) 80-80066099 Round Mount Multi–Connection

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Quick Overview

Kramer RTBUS-12(B) 80-80066099 Round Table Mount Multi-Connection Solution for SID-XxN Family features

  • 4 Inputs - 15-pin HD, HDMI, DP & 3.5mm.
  • Input Select/Step-in Buttons - With LEDs, for step-in switching through the SID-X1N.
  • Audio Mode Switch - For manual/automatic audio.
  • Cover - Pop-up pneumatic lid.
  • Cutout Size (Mount Dimension) - 92-95mm diameter.


The Kramer RTBUS-12(B) 80-80066099 is an elegant furniture−mounted, round connection bus, designed to be used with the Kramer SID−X1N Step−In Commander. The RTBUS−12 features a pneumatic mechanism for pneumatic lifting and smooth closing of its lid. It is easily installed into a table or podium top, and its interface enables you to connect the Kramer SID−X1N Step−In Commander installed in the room.


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