Kramer RC-74DL(W) 85-709770290 12-Button Master Room Controller

Kramer RC-74DL(W) 85-709770290 12-Button Master Room Controller

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Quick Overview

Kramer RC-74DL(W) 85-709770290 12-Button Master Room Controller features:

  • Back Lit & Label Capable Buttons - 12 RGB-color, tactile feedback, backlit buttons. Buttons are grouped in 3 groups, each with it group LCD display.
  • Custom Labeled, Removable Button Caps.
  • Volume Control Knob with LEDs - Bi-directional rotary dialed digital knob for volume control, with 5 LEDs bar for visual volume level feedback.
  • LCD Displays - 3 blue-color and 8 white-characters LCD displays, in 3 button groups, for programmed visual feedback indication and group configured labeling.
  • 2 K-NET™ Connectors - Connect to master room controller, and auxiliary keypads for remote keypad control.
  • K-NET™ Single Link Connection - Provides a single keypad link cable-connectivity, carrying both power and keypad control communication information.
  • 1 RS-485 Bi-directional Control Port - Control devices via RS-485 control protocols.
  • 3 RS-232 Bi-directional Control Ports - Control a device via bi-directional serial control protocols.
  • 2 IR Emitter Control Ports - Control a device via IR control protocols.
  • 2 GPI/O Control Ports - Control a device via general purpose I/O ports, program-configured as digital input, digital output or analog input interface for controlling sensors, door-locks, audio volume and light dimming level, or lighting control devices.


The Kramer RC-74DL(W) 85-709770290 is a 12−button control keypad, with knob and LCD displays. It is a versatile device that connects to powerful control tools: over Ethernet it connects to Kramer's Site−CTRL™, a remote AV control, site management & monitoring system. For extended controlled device capacity it connects to LAN−connected control gateways. For remote keypad control it connects via KNET™ to master room controllers and auxiliary keypads. It flexibly serves either as a standalone room controller, part of multi−units KNET™ system, or part of multi−unit Ethernet system managed by Kramer Site−CTRL™ site management platform. The RC−74DL is ideal for auditoriums and meeting rooms, for convenient control of their complex multimedia systems and other room facilities such as screens, lighting and shades.


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