Kramer K248E 20-0001310 HSL Secure 8−Port, Dual Display DVI−I KVM Switch

Kramer K248E 20-0001310 HSL Secure 8−Port, Dual Display DVI−I KVM Switch

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Kramer K248E 20-0001310 HSL Secure 8-Port, Dual Display DVI-I KVM Switch features:

  • Dual-Display DVI-I Support - Supports eight computers each connected to two displays. Can drive VGA, HDMI and dual-link DVI video.
  • Biometric/Smart-Card Reader Support - A special secured port (DPP) for a smart-card/biometric reader with patented freeze function, supports user authentication across multiple isolated networks.
  • Future-Proof - Supports the widest range of video formats from VGA, single-link to 2560x1600 dual-link DVI and HDMI, supports latest keyboards, mice and all operating systems.
  • Highest Security by Design - Common Criteria EAL 4+ approved, compatible with NIAP security requirements.
  • Hardware-Based Peripheral Isolation - No dependency on firmware or software, all firmware on ROM, no keyboard buffering or memory.
  • Unidirectional Optical Data Diodes - Assures USB peripheral isolation, data flows from devices to host only.
  • Display Plug & Play (DDC) Protection - Leakage prevention through patented emulated technology, signaling attacks prevented by design, DDC/EDID fully functional.
  • Peripheral Security - Full USB device filtering to assure support for keyboard and mouse only.
  • Active Anti Tampering System - Always-on with 10 years battery, holographic tampering evident labels.


The Kramer K248E 20-0001310 is a secure 8−port, DVI−I dual−display KVM switch. It provides the highest possible isolation between eight connected computers each having two video output ports. The video ports support various video interfaces, from VGA to dual−link DVI and HDMI. Each computer may connect to up to two independent displays and operate in dual−display mode. For enhanced security, a USB user authentication port (DPP) connects to a smart card or biometric reader. This requires the insertion of a physical authentication card or identification of a fingerprint to access the various computers/networks.


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