Kramer HVS100I 40-00001490 HSL Secure DVI−I & Audio Isolator

Kramer HVS100I 40-00001490 HSL Secure DVI−I & Audio Isolator

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Kramer HVS100I 40-00001490 HSL Secure DVI-I & Audio Isolator features:

  • Highest Security by Design - Designed by an agency to support isolation of large KVM matrix and conference room equipment.
  • All Firmware in ROM.
  • Analog Audio Data Diode - Prevents abuse of the audio out channel sending data back to the computer.
  • Display Plug & Play (EDID) Protection - Leakage prevention through patented emulated technology, signaling attacks prevented by design, fully functional DDC/EDID.
  • Tamper Evident Label - Provides clear visual indication of product tampering or opening.
  • Wide Range of Video Standard Support - DVI-I dual-link interface can be used for VGA, DVI-D and HDMI.
  • Mouse & Keyboard Isolation.
  • Active Anti-Tampering - Always-on active anti-tampering with 10-year battery.


The Kramer HVS100I 40-00001490 secure isolator offers the highest possible separation between a source computer and its DVI−I video and analog audio to prevent any potential data leakage between the source and the peripheral equipment.


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