Kramer BC-XTP-300M 99-0410300 Pico-Skew UTP Bulk Cable

Kramer BC-XTP-300M 99-0410300 Pico-Skew UTP Bulk Cable

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Quick Overview

The Kramer BC-XTP-300M 99-0410300 Pico-Skew UTP Bulk Cable features:

  • Quality Construction - Durable and flexible bulk cable. Four pairs of 24AWG solid copper.
  • Optimized for High-res Video/Audio Signals - Four pairs are twisted at the same ratio so the actual length of each is identical. Video shift or "skew" is eliminated in long runs because the RGB color signals arrive at the same time. Note that BC-XTP is not suited for high-speed data or network applications.
  • Optimized for Kramer Hardware - Use with any of Kramer's wide range of twisted pair transmitter-receiver sets such as PT-110/PT-120, WP-110/PT-120, etc. Terminate with RJ-45 connectors, or strip and attach to terminal strips or punchdown blocks as needed.
  • Length - Available in pull boxes of 100/300m (328/985ft).


Kramer's BC-XTP-300M 99-0410300 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable is designed as the ideal companion to Kramer analog twisted pair transmitter-receiver sets. BC-XTP resembles typical CAT 5e, but with internal components optimized for transmission of video/audio signals rather than high-speed data.


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