Kramer BCP-6X2T-250 99-9620250 6 Mini Coax Cable

Kramer BCP-6X2T-250 99-9620250 6 Mini Coax Cable

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The Kramer BCP-6X2T-250 99-9620250 6 Mini Coax Cable features:

  • Plenum Rated - The low smoke and fire-resistant properties of plenum rated cable allow it to reside in air return spaces of ceiling, floors, and walls, often saving the cost of installing conduit.
  • Quality Construction - Each mini coax has an industry standard 26 gauge center conductor and a dual shield design consisting of copper spiral and aluminum Mylar foil. Coax jackets are color-coded red, green, blue, white, yellow, black.
  • Numerous Applications - Use BCP-6X2T for RGBHV & balanced stereo audio, 15-pin HD & mini audio, dual component video and dual unbalanced audio, etc.
  • Universal Compatibility - Compatible with Kramer's compression connectors as well as typical crimp systems
  • Length - Available in reels of 75/150/300m (246/492/984ft).


Kramer’s BCP-6X2T-250 99-9620250 is a unique plenum rated multi-conductor cable that supports a wide variety of signals used in typical professional AV systems. It contains six high-resolution mini coaxes and two 22 gauge shielded pairs in a remarkably small and lightweight profile.


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