Panasonic GP-UH532C 4K Ultra HD Camera Control Unit

Panasonic GP-UH532C 4K Ultra HD Camera Control Unit

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Quick Overview

Panasonic GP-UH532C 3MOS 4K Ultra HD Camera

  • 1/3 inch smallest 4K camera head
  • 4K/2K simultaneous dual channel output
  • Various outputs HDMI or SDI
  • Up to 6 personal profiles storable on USB
  • Medical Electrical Standards IEC60601*
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Expansion to 3D with the same camera head
  • Zoom in with selected cropping areas
  • Color enhancement options
  • Ease of implementation in a variety of applications
  • New user-friendly layout
  • Power supply not included


The GP-UH532 series is Panasonic's first 4K supported remote head camera. By using Panasonic's processor that reflects many years of experience and thier unique optical design technologies They have achieved clear, ultra high definition imagery. They have achieved a new level of operability in medical environments by adopting a design which provides comfortable operations.

The Panasonic GP-UH532C 3MOS 4K Ultra HD Camera is a compact 4K MOS Ultra HD camera head, incorporating a resolution of up to 1600 TV lines, is the smallest on the market. The 1/3 inch GP-UH532 micro camera head provides high sensitivity by allowing an ease of implementation in a variety of applications thanks to the camera cable lengths of 3m, 6m and 15m. The 4K micro camera solution employs a user interface designed for easier control of the system through the operation menu or the rotating knob. Moreover, 6 or more personal profiles can be stored on a USB memory. These configurations can easily be switched to suit a variety of applications. The system indicates Medical Electrical Standards IEC60601* and can therefore be utilized in a variety of medical devices or procedures. Thanks to an ag ion coating covering front, top, left & right side, medical and microscopic areas can benefit from the antibacterial coating. Furthermore, various video outputs such as HDMI or SDI allow a smooth connection between the 4K micro camera system and other devices.

The high resolution of the 4K micro camera GP-UH532 contains up to 1600 TV lines. The pictures consequently become clearer and include more details. It makes areas or objects, previously unseen, visible and clear.The 4K micro camera GP-UH532 provides a 4K/2K simultaneous dual channel output and enables to use the 2K infrastructure that already exists without using a down converter to create a 2K signal. Therefore, multiple systems can be set up and combined with the 4K micro camera GP-UH532 to create customized solutions. This simultaneous output possibility indicates a cost efficient solution for a variety of applications.

The 4K micro camera system benefits from a color enhancement functionality which can be switched on and off as needed. Selected areas can be shown in more detail according to specific applications. In addition to this, the smoke reduction functionality enhances the visibility of chosen areas of the image. This functionality of the 4K micro camera GP-UH532 can easily be switched on and off.Additionally, the 4K micro camera solution benefits from a selection of 5 cropping options. Also, users can zoom into a selective cropping area of choice and choose to demonstrate dedicated areas in more details.


Additional Information

Horizontal Resolution  
Lens Mount C-Mount
Output Signal HDMI x 2ch (Ultra HD/Full HD) 3G/HD-SDI x 4ch (Ultra HD), 3G/HD-SDI x 1ch (Full HD)
Power Consumption 40W (including camera head)
Power Requirements 12 V DC ±10%
S/N Ratio 54dB at F8
Sensitivity F8
Synchronization Internal
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