Panasonic GPKH232CS Camera Control Unit

Panasonic GPKH232CS Camera Control Unit

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Panasonic GPKH232CS (GP-KH232CS) Camera Control Unit for GP-KH232H HD Camera Head

Part of the Panasonic GP-KH232 Single Chip Full HD Remote Head Camera System.

  • Supports Multiple Video Outputs: HDMI, RGB/YPbPr, and SDI
  • External control is available via RS-232C


Introducing the Panasonic GPKH232CS (GP-KH232CS), 1MOS High Definition Multi format Camera Control Unit (HD-SDI) white. The Panasonic GP-KH232CS Camera Control Unit is a small camera control unit that can be connected to the GP-KH232H HD Camera Head using any GP-KC232 series HD Camera Cable to give you an assembled remote head camera. This compact control unit supports multiple video outputs such as HDMI, RGB/YPbPr, and SDI. Its front panel features a DC power switch and a camera cable connector. It also features scene file selection, gain selection, left and right, dynamic range / down, freeze / menu, selection, and AWC / Up buttons. Its rear panel features RGB/YPbPr output, SDI output, and HDMI output connectors, a cable clamp (for power cable), remote terminal, and a 12VDC power terminal.


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