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Panasonic DVD Recorder Repair Replacement Service

At Ampronix we offer Service Repair and Replacement for a majority of Panasonic DVD Recorders for medical facilities. 

Panasonic DVD Recorders are some of the industry's best video recorders supporting DVD-RAM and DVD-R Media. Reproducing high quality imagery and offering seamless integration with computer networks, these recorders are ideal for applications in the health sector. The small and compact designs are power compliant between 100V & 240V, NTSC/PAL, and include a RS232C and USB interface. All video can be played and is editable upon a PC, and the device itself is compliant with medical electrical equipment standards in respect to appropriate safety measures.

Panasonic medical's ultimate goal is to contribute to life sciences, specifically the healthcare field, and to work towards a happy and healthier world. Ampronix is a proud distributor of this manufacaturer with new options and refurbished models readily available. If the product you have is not in our inventory, Ampronix technicians are able to do repairs in our onsite service and repair center to extend the life of your current device and augment performance above factory standards.

Ampronix also offers a selection of accessories such as video cameras, display calibration kits, and software to enahnce workflow and optimize equipment performance.  Almost all Panasonic equipment includes a one year warranty for repair services upon purchase, and with competitive pricing Ampronix will help equip your facility and staff while accomodating budgetary restrictions.

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As a leader in medical imaging technology since 1982, Ampronix develops, distributes, and services groundbreaking solutions that promote optimal patient outcome. Our goal is to offer the assurance necessary to overcome operational and financial obstacles of the evolving healthcare industry.

The world class Research and Development team at Ampronix specializes in developing innovative medical imaging solutions to overcome challenges created by gaps in current technology. Our expert engineers design products as a solution for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies that often exceed their expectations.

After 34 years of building relationships with industry leaders, Ampronix has become an established master distributor for many reputable brands. Maintaining these prosperous partnerships is how Ampronix is able to offer high caliber products with preferred pricing. Moreover, we equip international distributors with a variety of our innovative products in order to support their growth.

With over a century of combined experience, Ampronix’s state of the art service facility employs highly qualified technicians to diagnose and repair all types of imaging equipment and peripherals. In fact, our experts expose and correct manufacturer weaknesses, which result in longer lasting, more efficient equipment.

Since our humble beginnings, we have focused on putting the satisfaction of clients first, as professionalism is our cornerstone. With reliability, safety, and quality at the core of our philosophy, Ampronix is dedicated to helping others save lives and create a healthier tomorrow for future generations.

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