NDSsi ZeroWire 90T2039 Surgical Imaging

NDSsi ZeroWire 90T2039 Surgical Imaging

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Quick Overview

NDS ZeroWire 90T2039 Surgical Imaging, Advanced Nine-Channel HD Wireless Video.

  • Nine-Channel Medical-Grade Wireless Video Technology
  • ZeroWire Ultra TX, DVI, With Accessories
  • Full High-Definition Video (1080p60)
  • Ultra-Wideband Technology
  • Less Than One Frame of Latency
  • Easy to Install
  • Compact and Lightweight


The latest advancement in NDSsi's award-winning Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless technology, ZeroWire® Ultra allows up to nine transmitter/receiver pairs to operate simultaneously within neighboring vicinities (75- foot radius). Utilizing an innovative system of "Time Frequency Coding," ZeroWire Ultra units are programmed to change frequency bands in a specific sequence and timing, creating nine non-interfering channels. This enables a significant increase in wireless capability for the modern OR. Delivering full HD surgical video in real time with less than one frame of latency, ZeroWire Ultra is easy to install, interfaces to a wide range of video sources in the surgical environment, and complies with the EN 60601-1-2 standard. The ZeroWire Ultra solution helps eliminate cables, reduce cleaning and turnaround time, and improve OR safety.


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