Mitsubishi HS-MD3000E Video Recorder (Refurbished)

Mitsubishi HS-MD3000E Video Recorder (Refurbished)

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Mitsubishi HS-MD3000E Video Recorder

Tape format: S-VHS, VHS, 1/2" width high-density video cassette tape
TV system: PAL color system, 625 lines, 50 fields
Horiz. resolution: >400 TV lines S-VHS, >240 TV lines VHS
Video / audio heads
Video: 4 rotary heads
Hi-Fi audio: 2 rotary heads
Rotary erase: 1 rotary erase head
Normal audio: 1 stationary head
Full erase: 1 full-track erase head
Audio: 2 tracks (Hi-Fi audio) 20Hz - 20.000Hz, 1 track (Normal) 70Hz - 12.000Hz, Signal to noise ratio Video: more than 42dB
Inputs - Outputs
Inputs:2x Video (BNC), 2x S-video (DIN4p), 2x audio (CH-1/L, CH-2/R), 1x microphone 0.775mV, 600 ohm minijack, 1x foot switch, 1x remote control
Outputs:1x Video (BNC), 1x S-video (DIN4p), 2x audio (CH-1/L, CH-2/R), 1x monitor audio / mono
Operat.Conditions: Temperature 5 to + 400 C
Power requirements: 100-230V, 50/60Hz, cca 0.2-0.4 A
Dimensions: (WxHxD): 270 x 125 x 366 mm.


HS-MD3000E is professional VCR designed mainly for medical and industrial applications. Aside easy operation, adoption of newest digital technologies, development was focused to reach super high quality of playback at both S-VHS / VHS mode and similtaneously to high resolution of still and slow-motion images. Compact dimensions, optional remote control incl. interface (232, USB, parallel) enable easy mechanical & system integration to sonographs, endoscopy systems, CT, MRI. Interesting features include - additional voice insertion (narrating) via microphone to recording, time / date / index tape search, illuminated keys for better recognition in the dark, etc.


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