Medical Imaging Equipment for Discount Pricing


May Product Specials

 The below products have been discounted, inquire today! 

Eizo RadiForce RX850 NVIDIA Quadro M2000 ATEN VE802 Extender
Modalixx GC8MDL Microtek Medi-7000  Medicapture MediCap MVR Lite HD Recorder
 Panasonic GP-UH532 3MOS 4K Ultra HD Camera  Scanmaxx DV2165MP Medical Video Converter  Extron SW4 HD 4K 60-1484-01 Two Input HDMI Switcher  
 HVO500/550 SURGICAL RECORDER with UPDR80MD wireless      LG 27 HJ710S-W  NDSsi ZeroWire 90Z0161  
Elo Et1929LM8CWA1BLG E000166 NDSsi Ultra Rradiance 90R0110