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Matrox Graphic Card Controllers

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Matrox is an innovative leader and producer of video card solutions for graphics, video, and industrial imaging applications, vital to the healthcare industry. Matrox’s Med line as well as the Xenia line provide the best in graphic enhancing cards for the market required for diagnostic excellence. Matrox Med series display controller boards are ideal for PACS, CT, X-Ray, MRI, and DR applications. They provide 10 bit capabilities and support varieties of grayscale displays. Matrox’s Xenia series display controller boards are designed for use in CR, DR, and PACS stations to support a variety of display formats, resolutions and configurations. The Xenia Pro supports 8, 10 and 13 bit independent outputs for precise DICOM calibration of grayscale and color displays.

These products, though no longer manufactured by Matrox, are still available for purchase and covered by a one year warranty thorough Ampronix.