Lexmark MDR-PS Video Recorder

Lexmark MDR-PS Video Recorder

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Quick Overview

Lexmark MDR-PS Video Recorder

  • This product has been discontinued.
  • Self-contained, compact system. Installs easily on portable modalities, surgical carts, and fluorographic systems
  • Ideal for high resolution video capture in surgery, GI, urology and women's Health
  • Capture and send video clips or single frames to PACS/VNA/EMR
  • Features cine hold/playback and in-room review
  • Synchronized video can be recorded and sent to PACS/VNA/EMR
  • Trim video clips and capture single frames so that only clinically relevant data is recorded
  • Integrated touch screen monitor provides easy editing and playback
  • Trigger recordings from the fluoroscopic footswitch or an optional handswitch


Lexmark Healthcare’s MDR-PS Video lets you capture and send high resolution video clips from a wide range of modalities. MDR-PS Video sends extended clips and images to PACS, VNA or EHR—an ideal solution for surgery, GI, urology and women’s Health.

MDR-PS Video improves workflow by using DICOM Modality Worklist (MWL) to ensure an accurate match with patient studies. Images are captured by footswitch, optional hand switch, mouse, or using the modality’s exposure controls.

MDR-PS Video allows you to record clinically relevant data with text overlays for easy review. With an embedded touchscreen monitor, MDR-PS Video provides cine playback and image review


Additional Information

Recording Video Format Standard NTSC/PAL S-Video formats
Recording Audio Format  
Recording Media  
Input connectors S-Video, RCA
Output Connectors S-Video, RCA
Other Interfaces  
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC ± 10%, 47-63Hz, 126 VA
Dimensions 152 mm (6”) × 254 mm (10”) × 216 mm (8.5”)
Weight 4.5 kg (10 lbs.)
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