Ikegami CFA20059 (CFA-200-59) Adaptor

Ikegami CFA20059 (CFA-200-59) Adaptor

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Ikegami CFA20059 (CFA-200-59) Surgery microscope adaptor for 3 chips Full HD cameras, 59mm focal length type.

Deeper focal depth
The combination with Ikegami MKC-300HD/MKC-500HD and CFA-200 is a power tool to get the best quality images with the deeper focal depth.
High resolution
HD cameras have approximately twice higher resolution than conventional SD cameras. This optics is specially designed to keep the optical resolution as the HD.
Bright optics
The new optical design is developed for the brighter optics.
Optical auto iris
The optical iris can be adjusted automatically and it can perform deeper focal length.


Ikegami has developed new surgery microscope adaptor, CFA20059 (CFA-200-59), for 3 chips Full HD (High Definition) cameras. The adaptors are designed for 3 chips optics and for the optical resolution for Full HD cameras. And they equip the optical auto iris function and they perform the deeper focus depth with Ikegami Full HD cameras, MKC-300HD and MKC-500HD.


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