Foreseeson WIS1000 Wireless Video System

Foreseeson WIS1000 Wireless Video System

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Quick Overview

Foreseeson WIS1000 Wireless Imaging System sales

  • 60 Ghz reliability
  • Mounts easily to a variety of surfaces
  • Transmitter and receiver automatically synchronize
  • Supports high quality 1080p video
  • Multiple transmitters and receivers can be configured to form a network


Foreseeson's WIS1000, our 60 GHz wireless HD transmitter/receiver, provides an easy and flexible solution to wireless communications. This system supports HD video, 1080p/60Hz, plus new 3D video formats generated by HDMI 1.4a. Both CEC and non-CEC enabled devices are compatible with our WIS1000 wireless system. The WIS1001 is a DVI converter and scaler created to provide a "clean" output signal complying with industry standards. It allows the user to upscale a lower resolution to HD. The WIS1001 is designed to be used with, and easily connected to, Foreseeson's wireless WIS1000 product.


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