Extron IPCP Pro 555 60-1434-01 Pro Control Processor

Extron IPCP Pro 555 60-1434-01 Pro Control Processor

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Quick Overview

Extron IPCP Pro 555 60-1434-01 Pro Control Processor features:

  • Supports TouchLink Pro touchpanels and eBUS button panels
  • AV LAN port allows AV devices to be isolated from the corporate network
  • Supports secure industry standard communications protocols
  • Supports LinkLicense
  • eBUS port for connecting eBUS® button panels and accessories
  • Ethernet monitoring and control on each Ethernet port
  • DHCP server for AV LAN
  • The AV LAN port only permits communications from the Ethernet port for remote management and firmware updates for Extron devices
  • Supports 10/100/1000Base-T
  • Supports Ethernet-controllable devices


The Extron IPCP Pro 555 60-1434-01 is a versatile, high-performance control processor with a secure, dedicated AV LAN port. It features advanced security standards and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which ensure compatibility with multiple TouchLink® Pro touchpanels using a standard network infrastructure. Of the two Ethernet ports, the AV LAN is designed to control local AV devices, and safeguards them from outside intrusion or interference. The IPCP Pro 555 also works with Extron LinkLicense®, which further enhances the capabilities of Extron Pro Series control systems. The IPCP Pro 555 is an ideal choice for controlling multiple devices and control signal types within AV systems requiring an isolated AV network.


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