ELO E518070 ELO-KIT-ECM3-W7 IDS-Computer Module

ELO E518070 ELO-KIT-ECM3-W7 IDS-Computer Module

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ELO E518070 ELO-KIT-ECM3-W7 IDS-Computer Module

The system is interoperable with content management servers and Web-based consoles for seamless connection with the Internet and applications such as multimedia sharing and electronic point-of-sale. This computer module can support optimal partitioning of locally cached and network stored content, allowing developers to monitor and deploy content via device-to-device or Web connections. Separately, a USB kit is available to enable wireless connectivity to your signage network.

  • Windows XP Operating System included
  • Designed specifically for the Elo IDS touch displays
  • No cables required – seamless docking integration
  • Intel processor: Core i5 2.5GHz
  • Multiple interfaces: 4 USB ports, Gigabit LAN and VGA


The ELO E518070 ELO-KIT-ECM3-W7 IDS-Computer Module (ECM3) is an optional computer module that comes in a configuration providing a touch computing needs with an Intel® processor. It provides a high standard of quality for customer registration stations and check-in points as well as interactive digital signage applications. For high performance computing needs, ECM3 is powered by Intel Core i5 2.5GHz processor. This computer module comes with Windows 7 OS. The Elo TouchSystems IDS (Interactive Digital Signage) touch platform enables increased customer engagement and real-time metrics for OOH (out-of-home) environments by adding an exciting new dimension to traditional broadcast digital signage – the power of touch. The IDS solution incorporates a high-performance optional computer module, ECM3 is designed specifically for the Elo Interactive Display Signage (IDS) touch displays and offer maximum flexibility in delivering high quality digital signage functionality to increase customer engagement in OOH environments. The computer module pair with the Elo IDS touch displays to form a professional platform that delivers a range of performance options in a sleek and stylish package. This computer module is easily installed into the IDS displays providing an integrated system that optimizes media bandwidth and interactivity for the delivery of highly engaging and measurable consumer content.


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