Elo D68054-000 Controller Board

Elo D68054-000 Controller Board

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Elo D68054-000 Controller Board
Supply Voltage and Current
•+5 VDC, nominal (+4.75 to +5.25 VDC)
•Operating current 75mA, maximum at +5 VDC. Typical power dissipation is 300mW at 5V.
•Inrush current of up to 600mA for 50mS following power on
•Supply must be capable of sourcing 200 mA, minimum.
•Total noise and ripple requirement must be less than 100 mV (p-p) for frequencies below 1 MHz, and less than 50 mV (p-p) for frequencies above 1 MHz.
Serial Interface
•EIA 232E (Serial RS-232), DCE configuration. 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, Full Duplex
•Hardware handshaking: RTS/CTS
•DSR is pulled HIGH (>+3V) by the 2701RSU when connected and powered. DTR can be asserted by the host to interrupt the flow of data from the controller.
•Note that if the application does not monitor CTS, then an interval of approximately 5 seconds should be inserted between the issuance of a reset command and any other command.
Baud Rate
•9600 (default) and 19200
USB Interface
•The CTR-270100-IT-RSU-00R controller is an interrupt-type, full-speed USB device.


Elo D68054-000 Controller Board 2701RSU SAW Contorller, Serial/USB controller for Intellitouch and Securetouch.


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