EIZO LMM0804 Large Monitor Manager

EIZO LMM0804 Large Monitor Manager

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EIZO LMM0804 Large Monitor Manager

  • All Gather In One. The Large Monitor Manager bundles up different signal sources and enables you control them from one location
  • Saving time by Optimizing Workflow. Individual image placement and window size preferences can be easily arranged and recalled using the Large Monitor Manager
  • One Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Working with the Large Monitor Manager, the operator can focus on a single monitor, keyboard and mouse instead of juggling with multiple systems. This speeds up workflow and reduces the potential for handling errors
  • Various Image Sources. The new Large Monitor Manager has 12 video connections; 8 of these connections can process digital DVI (Digital Visual Interface) signals up to a resolution of 1920 x 1200. Additionally, there are two PAL/NTSC (Phase Alternating Line/National Television Systems Committee) and two analog connections available
  • Small and Compact Size
  • Short Start-Up Time
  • Long Distance Connectivity. 


EIZO LMM0804 Large Monitor Manager. The Large Monitor Manager LMM0804 enables digital and analog images from various sources to be arranged flexibly on large-format or multiple monitors. The LMM0804 has been designed for use in operating rooms, where an extremely flexible image display is required during surgery because physicians work in teams and have various tasks. For this reason it is critical that each specialist be provided the necessary image information in the respective optimum field of view. This is why multiple monitors usually are installed in ceiling mounts in the operating room. The LMM0804 flexibly and intelligently compiles the respective image display for up to five monitors. Monitors with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1200, including Full HD (Full High Definition, 1920 x 1080), can be connected. At the same time, the image content for each individual unit can be defined separately.


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