EIZO LMM0801-L (LMM0801L) Large Monitor Manager

EIZO LMM0801-L (LMM0801L) Large Monitor Manager

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EIZO LMM0801-L (LMM0801L) Large Monitor Manager

  • All Gather In One. The Large Monitor Manager bundles up different signal sources and enables you control them from one location
  • Saving time by Optimizing Workflow. Individual image placement and window size preferences can be easily arranged and recalled using the Large Monitor Manager
  • One Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Working with the Large Monitor Manager, the operator can focus on a single monitor, keyboard and mouse instead of juggling with multiple systems. This speeds up workflow and reduces the potential for handling errors
  • Small and compact size.The small size allow flexible integration in existing systems, it can easily be mounted on a ceiling suspension, into a rack or into a wall console
  • Short Start-Up Time. The video signal is available at the output within 4 seconds. This guarantees immediate readiness, even after a power failure.


EIZO LMM0801-L (LMM0801L) Large Monitor Manager. Large Monitor Manager for monitors up to 8 megapixel. It gathers various video inputs and displays them on the large screen. Different layouts can be arranged according to user preferences and working situation. This simplifies the surgeon's individual workflow.


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