EIZO Clip-On Swing Sensor G2

EIZO Clip-On Swing Sensor G2

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EIZO Clip-On Swing Sensor G2

  • Calibration to the DICOM Part 14 standard with quality control software RadiCS.
  • Attachable to the monitor bezel with a USB connector.
  • Remote calibration with RadiNET Pro.
  • Built-in presence sensor provides increased user comfort upon performing quality control tasks.
  • Built-in presence sensor features lower operating costs of the monitor.


EIZO Clip-On Swing Sensor G2. Easily attached to the monitor bezel to ensure stable and consistent display among RadiForce monitors. The G2 has a newly developed module installed that narrows the distance between the sensor and monitor to shorten the measurement time and improve the measurement accuracy. Furthermore, integrated presence sensor offers convenience and energy savings.


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