Dunlee DA1036 Replacement Tube

Dunlee DA1036 Replacement Tube

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Quick Overview

Dunlee DX104HS 37/100-150 Uses Dunlee Replacement DA1036 DA 1036 (#803-10)

  • This model has been discontinued by the  manufacturer
  • Tube Type: DU 404, 400 KHU Insert
  • Target Diameter: 101.6 mm (4 in)
  • Target Angle: 13.5º
  • Filament: 4.1-12.2 V / 6.0-17.4 V 3.0-5.5 A / 3.0-5.5 A
  • Focal Spot: 0.6/1.2
  • Power Characteristics: 40/100 kW
  • Rotor Speed: 3000/9000 RPM
  • 90 Angle
  • S Stator


The DA 1036 is a 400 KHU X-Ray tube designed for general radiographic, heavy-duty X-Ray systems.


Additional Information

Tube Type No
Target Diameter No
Target Angle No
Power Characteristics No
Focal Spot No
Volts No
Amperes No
Rotor Speed No
Main Winding No
Secondary Winding No
Shipping Weight No
Warranty No
Dunlee Ordering Number No
OEM Catalog Number No