Barco MDSC8258 58 Inch Quad HD Surgical Display Eizo LS560W 56 Inch 8MP Surgical Monitor Eizo LX600W 60 Inch LCD Monitor Eizo RX850BK 31 Inch 8MP LCD Monitor
Optik View DC5801 58 Inch 8MP Medical Display Optik View DC802 56 Inch 8MP Medical Monitor


  • Hybrid operating rooms
  • Interventional X-ray
  • Cardiovascular suites

The name "4K resolution" refers to a horizontal resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. The use of width to characterize the overall resolution marks a switch from previous television standards such as 480i and 1080p, which categorize media according to its vertical dimension. Using that same convention, 4K UHD would be named 2160p