9 Inch Conrac V42 38-V42IIA-A2 Monitor (Refurbished)

9 Inch Conrac V42 38-V42IIA-A2 Monitor (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Conrac V42 38V42IIAA2 (38-V42IIA-A2) Monitor

  • Conrac 38V42IIAA2 Monitor 
  • 9 and 12" monochrome Monitors (CRT)
  • P4 / P31 CRT
  • Maximum 1000 lines resolution (center)
  • 30 MHz video bandwidth
  • Configuration: Metal Cabinet.


Conrac V42 38V42IIAA2 (38-V42IIA-A2) Monitor. The Conrac V42 series model display monitors are suitable for information display, machine vision, medical instrumentation and other applications. Features include metal case, auto-scanning (15 - 40 kHz) for signal compatibility and dual video inputs with loop-through. This product was previously manufactured by Electrohome.


Additional Information

Screen Size 9 Inches
Display Area  
Resolution Max. 1000 TV lines center Max. 800 TV lines corner
Aspect Ratio 04:03
Scan Rates  
Video Input Signals BNC Analog Loop-through (A/B channel)
User Controls Front: Power, Brightness, Contrast, Horizontal / Vertical Centering, Vertical Linearity, Vertical Size, Video Input (A/B switchable) Rear: HI / 75Ω Termination, Focus, Horizontal Size, Sub-Brightness
Dimensions 9.1"H x 8.8"W x 12.7"D
Weight 12 lbs (5.5 kg)
Power Requirements 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption < 30 W Nominal
Supplied Accessories 38-600751-01 - 19-inch Rack Kit (5U)
Warranty 1 Year