Codonics VIRTUA E Medical Disc Publisher

Codonics VIRTUA E Medical Disc Publisher

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Codonics VIRTUA E Medical Disc Publisher

• Automatically records and labels patient studies without tying up your
workstation or employee resources
• Studies can be conveniently viewed from disc on a workstation using one or more
DICOM viewers, specialized viewers and/or custom OEM viewers*
• HL7 and DICOM Structured Reports can be received and matched to a patient's study
allowing the recording of both the report and study together on the same disc**
• Narrated messages provide complete system status at the touch of a button
• Intuitive touchscreen turns novices into experts in minutes
• User interface is available in multiple languages
• Scheduled Archive automatically records all studies to disc for backup/disaster recovery.
It also records a complete history of all archive activities on each disc**
• Ultra compact design allows for easy siting
• Meets industry standards including DICOM part 10, IHE PDI, and audit logs
for HIPAA compliance


Virtua E is the perfect, economical, easy to use, image distribution accessory for any modality. Its compact design features a table-top touch screen, an advanced processor for receiving and managing studies, a robotic disc recorder and printer, and a user-friendly interface. The built-in printer produces brilliant, full-color disc labels that include patient demographics and the facility's address and logo for marketing. Customers can create their own custom labels or use Codonics disc label design service offered exclusively to our customers.


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