Codonics Infinity LX Medical Image Server

Codonics Infinity LX Medical Image Server

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Codonics infinity LX

Ease of Setup and Use Infinity includes many preconfigured settings for common applications so users can begin utilizing the system quickly. While Infinity’s default configuration can be up and running within minutes, it is also highly customizable with a rich set of features including DICOM store, query/retrieve, storage commit, on-the-fly image compression, workstation access control and temporary or permanent storage of images. Infinity provides a comprehensive set of system notifications and warnings using web, email, RSS and visual/audible alerts built into the system. You take your data seriously, so does Infinity.


• Compact, all-in-one design provides an affordable solution for DICOM image storage

• High performance architecture for fast DICOM file transfers

• Optimized for large DICOM data sets including DICOM files over 2GB

• Highly redundant hardware design including RAID, power supplies and cooling fans

• Simple system setup with pre-configured settings for non-technical personnel

• Optional Basic Web Viewer for quick JPEG viewing and optional Advanced Remote viewer for detailed DICOM images. These viewers feature multiple user access with easy deployment and maintenance.

• Optional JPEG lossless image compression increases storage capacity up to 2.5x

• Configurable access control with audit trails to assist with HIPAA compliance


Infinity LX Medical Image Server is a DICOM storage appliance that provides a simple solution for storing and retrieving medical images. Applications such as direct modality storage of large DICOM data sets or storage of digital images in an environment without a centralized image server are ideal for Infinity. Infinity makes the power of complicated, rack-mounted servers available to users without special IT skills and is designed for expansion. With an intuitive interface and many pre-configured features, users can set up and maintain their own Infinity image servers. Infinity is backed by Codonics global service and support network to provide years of worry-free operation. When simple, affordable image storage is needed,Infinity is the answer.


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