Codonics Infinity C Medical Image Server

Codonics Infinity C Medical Image Server

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Quick Overview

Codonics Infinity C Medical Image Server

Fills the gap between workstation storage and PACS, giving departmental control of data

• Provides departmental access to prior studies for comparison

• For private office and imaging centers, Infinity is an ideal alternative to PACS, pre-PACS customers or mobile configurations

• SmartRouting automates study distribution to multiple destinations to provide fast patient outcomes

• Supports multi-modalities

• Infinity C comes with 2.7TB usable storage and can be expanded up to 11.7TB usable storage (E8200JR)

• Infinity LX comes with 7.7TB usable storage (E8200JS)


Infinity is a low-cost, compact solution for storing DICOM images and reports, and enables automatic routing of images to PACS and reviewing workstations.


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