Multi-media Codonics Horizon XL Imager

Multi-media Codonics Horizon XL Imager

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The Horizon XL combines diagnostic film, color paper and grayscale paper printing to provide the world’s most versatile medical imager. Horizon XL features exclusive digital 36” and 51” dry long film ideal for long bone and scoliosis studies. A total print solution, Horizon XL will reduce your costs, save you space, and completely eliminate your wet film processing needs.

  • 14" x 51", 14" x 36" - Exclusive Dry Long Film for Orthopedics
  • 14" x 17", 8" x 10", A, A4 - Film, Grayscale and Color Paper


Horizon is three imagers in one – a dry film imager, color imager, and grayscale paper imager. Switching between film, color and paper requires no operator intervention. The all-in-one imager is an enormous breakthrough in performance, cost and quality for healthcare facilities. The Horizon’s ultra-compact footprint easily allows it to be placed on a desk, counter, or in mobile applications. Requiring less than two feet of desk space and weighing less than 70 pounds, Horizon delivers superior diagnostic quality images and unmatched versatility. Its multiple media features make Horizon the ideal choice for different modalities, or a multiple modality department.


Additional Information

Printer Type Color
Dimensions Engine Dimensions: 14.5” (37 cm) H, 20.5” (52 cm) W, 24” (61 cm) L
Printer Gradation  
Power Requirements Universal Input: 100-120/230V~ 50/60 Hz, 600W printing, 150W idle
Print Speed 5 minutes (ready to print from "off")
Printer Driver Software  
Printing Method Dye-diffusion and direct thermal (dry, daylight safe operation)
Printer Resolution 320 DPI (12.6 pixels/mm)
Safety Compliance  
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