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Ampronix carries the best in Codonics, the ideal medical hardcopy imaging solution. Codonics offers advanced digital CD/DVD burning solutions as well as print options. Everything from the blank media, paper, as well as the discs for digital burning and actual machine converters can be found and easily acquired through Ampronix.

For specialized orthopedic imaging, specifically long bone and scoliosis studies, Codonic’s exclusive 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" dry film is available in large stock quantities. And, the renowned “Horizon” multi-media imaging printer, which is capable of simultaneously printing film, greyscale paper and color paper in various sizes, is readily in stock at Ampronix. Digital image conversion is comprehensive with the Codonics Infinity C and LX image servers. Almost all Codonics equipment comes with an Ampronix warranty for one year.

For your complete high quantity and variety of medical printing solutions, Ampronix is here to supply with quality products and accessories from Codonics.