Chison SonoTouch 20VET Ultrasound Imaging System

Chison SonoTouch 20VET Ultrasound Imaging System

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Quick Overview

Chison SonoTouch 20VET Ultrasound Imaging System
Scanning mode

  • Electronic linear scan
  • Electronic convex scan

Display mode

  • B mode
  • B/B mode
  • 4B mode
  • B/M mode
  • M mode
  • Color mode
  • Convex probe C3: main frequency 3.5MHz; abdomen probe
  • Convex probe V6: main frequency 6.0MHz; transvaginal probe
  • Convex probe MC3: main frequency 3.0MHz; cardiac probe
  • Convex probe MC6: main frequency6.0MHz; abdomen probe
  • Linear probe L7M: main frequency7.5MHz; superficial probe (Standard configuration probe)
  • Linear probe L7S: main frequency7.5MHz; superficial probe
  • Linear probe R7: main frequency7.5MHz; transrectal probe
  • Linear probe MC5V:main frequency5.0MHz; patient Micro-convex probe.


Chison SonoTouch 20VET is a portable digital ultrasonic diagnostic color system which offers the full digital beam-former technology. The digital design has greatly improved the image quality and will greatly improve your diagnostic accuracy and confidence. SonoTouch 20 can be used with a different probe. It is usually applied in ultrasound diagnostic examination of the abdomen, cardiology, small parts and peripheral vascular. The system can provide complete clinic image under multiple imaging modes in real-time status. The system has a 1-probe connector, which can use convex, linear, micro-convex probe etc. SonoTouch 20 offers easy-to-use touch interface which makes it very user-friendly and easy to operate.


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