SLEEPON Develops a Waterproof Silicone Sleep Apnea Detection Ring GO2SLEEP


Orange County, CA - January 11th 2018 -  Sleep apnea affects roughly 25 million Americans. Of this population 9 percent of adult women and 24 percent of adult men are affected by this issue during sleep. Unfortunately, 80 percent of sufferers go undiagnosed and untreated. When left untreated, individuals who suffer from sleep apnea risk high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks and arrhythmias, diabetes, and a weakened immune system. During a sleep apnea episode, the individual stops breathing due to a blockage in their airway depleting the brain and other vital organs of adequate oxygen to sustain life. To better monitor this occurrence, startup company SLEEPON launched a crowdfunding campaign for their product, GO2SLEEP, “the world’s smallest sleep apnea detection ring.”

The GO2SLEEP ring is made of waterproof medical silicone and weighs 6 grams- comparable to a quarter. During the user’s sleep the device can be worn upon any finger, while during the day it can be placed in the magnetic charging bay until needed the following evening. The band is designed to minimize sleep disruption while maintaining comfort in its available three sizes. Utilizing a number of sensors such as a 3-axis accelerometer and a pulse oximeter, the device can capture the user’s movement, heart rate, blood oxygenation level, and perfusion index. During this temporary episode of no breath blood oxygenation levels drop and the individual’s heart rate increases, monitoring these indicators is vital in tracking sleep quality and sleep apnea symptoms. 

To provide real-time updates of this data, GO2SLEEP is Bluetooth enabled and stores the information for up to 7 nights of sleep. To analyze the data, SLEEPON developed an AI algorithm to update and inform the user through the free SLEEPON App or personal email.

SLEEPON Develops World’s Smallest Sleep Apnea Detection Device

Current sleep apnea devices are hulking and cumbrous, to bypass this issue SLEEPOM developed theGO2SLEEP ring   to gather the necessary information from the fingers’ abundant capillaries without being intrusive. Unlike the traditional finger clip device used in a doctor’s office, the silicone ring is much more comfortable and suitable for long term wear.

GO2SLEEP is not FDA approved to replace proper diagnostic tests for sleep apnea. Designed as an at-home tracking device, the information from GO2SLEEP should still be discussed with a doctor. Additionally, since GO2SLEEP cannot measure airflow or respiratory effort, it is unable to differentiate between the main two types of sleep apnea: obstructive and central. SLEEPON recognizes that GO2SLEEP will not provide the benefits of a full-scale sleep study performed in a laboratory, but the company suggests that GO2SLEEP can screen for sleep apnea with similar accuracy to its bulkier, more expensive home monitoring counterparts currently on the market.

For individuals who show signs and symptoms suggestive of sleep apnea, GO2SLEEP may be a useful and more affordable option for monitoring sleep and screening this condition. GO2SLEEP is currently valued at $89 in its Indiegogo campaign and is projected to start shipping in May of 2018.


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