New Development in Color – Correcting Contact Lenses


Orange County, CA - May 4th, 2018 -  Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency (CVD), is when a person is unable to see colors in a normal way. Eight percent of people in the United States suffer from color deficiency. Usually, the condition is inherited, or the patient has a certain eye disease. The majority of the eight percent of people affected by this disorder are men.

Color correcting glasses have been available for years. However, similar products are bulky and incompatible with other vision corrective glasses. Researchers at Birmingham University in the UK have now developed a color-correcting contact lens that acts almost identical to the commercialized color-correcting glasses that are on the market. 

The researchers use an inexpensive soft contact lens that is dyed with a non-toxic rhodamine derivative dye (yellowish-red to blue fluorescent colored dye). This dye was specifically chosen, due to its ability to absorb certain wavelengths of light in the optical spectrum. The frequency spectrum between the red and green is where the dye blocks most light. It avoids having the colors in that region trigger red and green optical cones. All around this helps the washing of colors into each other.

Dr. Haider Butt, senior lecturer of Micro Engineering and Nanotechnology at the School of Engineering of the University of Birmingham said “Contact lenses are of interest for color blindness correction because it is easier to correct the entire field of view. The dye processing we carried out does not need any complex preparation, it is not toxic to the human eye, and our method could be easily used in both glasses and contact lenses at low cost.”

New Development in Color – Correcting Contact Lenses

The lens was tested on people with the most common form of CVD (red-green), and it was proven to help people that were affected. Researchers are now looking into using a similar process to correct purple-blue color blindness. Eventually, researchers want to be able to combine dyes to act for both red-green and purple-blue color blindness simultaneously. Clinical trials to further this new development will start shortly.



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