Australia Based Company M3DICINE Unviels AI Powered Stethoscope


Orange County, CA - February 2nd 2018 -  M3DICINE, a medical device development company based in Brisbane, Australia, recently launched their AI enabled electronic stethoscope named Stethee. First debuting in December 2014 on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter the device is now available for preorder. Used similarly to stethoscopes in gathering patient vitals like heartbeat, lung function, and any abnormalities, the Stethee can additionally amplify, filter and record sound. These feats are cultivated by an accompanying app paired with a Bluetooth enabled cellphone. The sounds are analyzed through M3DICINE’s servers and data is sent back to the user. Stethee comes in three specialties: clinical, veterinary, and educational research.

The technology platform behind the Stethee AI engine, named “Aida,” can analyze sounds from the heart and lungs to build a personalized biometric signature. Furthermore, Aida can automatically record and attach the geo-location and environmental data of each sound sample in real-time. Aida’s analysis of this encrypted and anonymized data increases its intelligence while helping medical professionals understand the effects of environmental factors like humidity, temperature, pollen count or pollution on our heart and lungs through quantitative data. The collected data can also be shared with other Stethee users- proving advantageous to providers who are remotely located from colleagues or patients. 

AI Powered Stethoscope Pairs Clinical Data with Patient Comfort “This most iconic and enduring symbol of healthcare is now reinvented into an intelligent and sophisticated medical device- a powerful diagnostic assistant that [advances its intelligence] the more it is used,” said Nayyar Hussain, M.D., founder and CEO of M3DICINE. “The complementary Stethee App brings the power of machine learning and deep neural networks to health professionals worldwide [to] use this data not only to monitor the progress and health of individual patients, but to collectively uncover new patterns and trends to help in the fight against heart and lung disease globally.” Having worked with designers and engineers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), clinical experts from the Mayo Clinic and Texas A&M University, cardiologists, nurses and allied health professionals from the UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, the developmental process of the Stethee System adhered to international design and safety standards and US FDA requirements.

Besides the ability to capture a wealth of clinically savvy information in 20 seconds, Stethee is able to interact with patients. The device’s base is encompassed by an LED ring that illuminates to the rhythm of the patient’s heartbeat. This lighting alternates between four colors in response to the quality of data being collected. Lastly, Stethee vibrates to mimic the force and feel of the beating heart to offer an immersive and personalized experience. Expecting shipment to commence in late February, Stethee is currently available for online pre-order on the official website. The clinical and veterinary models, Stethee Pro and Stethee Vet, are available for the price of $499. Stethee Edu, designed for education and research applications, projected availability is in the summer of 2018. 


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