Barco MXRT-7500 Display Controller K9306037

Barco MXRT-7500 Display Controller K9306037

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Barco MXRT7500 (MXRT-7500) K9306037 High-end 3D PCIe 4-head Display Controller

  • This product has been replaced by MXRT-7600. Please contact us for repair services.


The Barco MXRT7500 (MXRT-7500) K9306037 is a high-end 3D PCIe display controller featuring the latest AMD FireProTM 3D technology for leading-edge performance, flexibility and reliability. Fitted with 4GB of memory and an ultra-fast GPU, the top-of-the-line MXRT-7500 presents you with unmatched processing power for large medical datasets.The MXRT-7500 supports DirectX, OpenGL, and OpenCL and is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7.


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