Barco MXRT-2400 Display Controller K9305035

Barco MXRT-2400 Display Controller K9305035

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Quick Overview

The Barco MXRT2400 (MXRT-2400) is a compact PCIe display controller featuring AMD FireProTM 3D technology for leading-edge performance, flexibility and reliability. The board supports DirectX and OpenGL and is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7. With the MXRT-2400, you can drive two 5-MegaPixel displays at full refresh rates.


Barco MXRT2400 (MXRT-2400) Low-profile PCIe Display Controller for diagnostic imaging

Ultra-fast data transfers

The MXRT-2400 display controller is compatible with the DisplayPort interface standard, which assures easy installation and ultra-fast and reliable data transfers.

Compact form factor

Thanks to its compact factor, the MXRT-2400 offers a perfect solution for set-ups where a low-profile workstation is needed for space efficiency.

Flexible projection configurations

The MXRT-2400 display controller is available with Barco's Conference CloneViewTMsoftware, which enables accurate projection of medical images onto a large-screen display.

The software tool ensures effortless cloning, scaling, zooming and panning of medical images on the large screen, making Barco displays and controllers perfectly suited for use in teaching hospitals, auditoriums and (tele)conference rooms.


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