21 Inch Barco MWD-321 Plus Monitor (Refurbished)

21 Inch Barco MWD-321 Plus Monitor (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Barco MWD321 (MWD-321) Plus 21 Inch Color Display Monitor

  • 2 megapixel resolution (1600 x 1200)
  • On-screen display
  • Medical Imaging Systems.


Barco MWD321 (MWD-321) Plus 21 Inch Color Display CRT Monitor has a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 21" diagonal viewing area. The Barco MWD321 (MWD-321) Plus workstation display produces a 2MP resolution (1600 x 1200), and was designed for medical applications—specifically radiology.


Additional Information

Screen Size 21 Inches
Display Area  
Resolution Max. adress. pixels:1844 Max. adress. lines: 1300
Aspect Ratio  
Scan Rates Horizontal scanning: Multi sync: µ-controller controlled Minimum frequency: 30 kHz Maximum frequency: 106 kHz Minimum blanking : 2 µs Storable scan frequencies: 16 Prealigned scans: 5 Vertical scanning: Minimum frequency: 45 Hz Maximum frequency: 160 Hz M
Video Input Signals BNC connectors
User Controls  
Dimensions 438mm x 500mm x 501mm
Weight 32 kg, 70.54 Lbs
Power Requirements  
Power Consumption  
Supplied Accessories  
Warranty 1 Year