5MP Barco MGD-521 CRT Monitor Display (Refurbished)

5MP Barco MGD-521 CRT Monitor Display (Refurbished)

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Barco MGD-521 CRT Monitor Display V9507111


5-megapixel portrait grayscale with resolution 2048 x 2560 with a picture tube, light output, video amplifier, scanning system, aspect ratio 4:3, for diagnostic imaging, complies with medical approvals including MDD, DIN 6868-57, FDA 510(k) UL-2601.


Additional Information

Screen Size 21.5 Inches
Display Area  
Resolution 2048 x 2560
Aspect Ratio  
Scan Rates  
Video Input Signals  
User Controls  
Dimensions 558x400x561 mm, 22x15.7x22.1
Weight 39.8 kg, 87.8 lbs
Power Requirements  
Power Consumption  
Certifications Safety CUL 950, CE, IEC 601-1, UL 2601-1, UL 1950, FDA 510 (k), CUL 2601-1 X RAY PTB, DHHS EMC IEC 601-1-2, CISPR 11, EN 55011, MPRII, EN61000-3-2 Immunity EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5
Supplied Accessories  
Warranty 1 Year