Anthro Keyboard Caddy

Anthro Keyboard Caddy

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Anthro Keyboard Caddy Ensure ergonomic keyboarding height and comfort with this versatile and well-made caddy.

  • This product is EOL.


Anthro Keyboard Caddy, Roomy keyboard platform (19.5-inch w x 8 inches d) plus an extension for your mouse (8 inches w x 9 inches d) that swivels. Caddy moves in and out, up and down, and tilts and swivels. Made of steel and phenolic, the front surface has an integrated foam rest for wrist support. Tilts 20 degrees negative to 20 degrees positive. Movement ranges from even with your work surface to 6" below. Extends 1 inch from the front of the shelf when fully retracted.
Part #: 169BK


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