Anthro Cart Keyboard & Mouse Caddy Right

Anthro Cart Keyboard & Mouse Caddy Right

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Anthro Cart Keyboard & Mouse Caddy, Style B, Right-handed.

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Ensure ergonomic keyboarding height and comfort with this versatile and well-made Caddy. Roomy keyboard platform (19.5 inches w x 8 inches d), plus an extension for your mouse (8 inches w x 9 inches d) that swivels. Mouse surface is on the right. The tray moves in and out, up and down, tilts and swivels 360°. Pull the release knob to adjust the settings. Made of steel and phenolic, the front surface has a foam rest for wrist support. Tilts 20° negative to 20° positive. Movement ranges from even with your work surface to 6 inches below. The mounting track is 18.5 inches deep.


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