Anthro BZD02CG/CG4 Zido Ultrasound Cart

Anthro BZD02CG/CG4 Zido Ultrasound Cart

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Anthro BZD02CG/CG4 Zido Ultrasound Cart

  • This product is EOL.
  • Zido Ultrasound Cart includes the ZLL22 Adjustable-height Zido cart, Handle, Large Probe Holder, and Metal Bin
  • Adjustable-height Zido Ultrasound Cart is 22” wide and adjusts 30”-40” high
  • Cart is balanced to lift 16-30 lbs and holds 150 lbs overall
  • Lipped shelf has 1/4”-high rim running around the edge of the shelf to keep items from rolling off when the cart is in motion
  • Includes one 17”-wide handle made of cast metal and angled for a comfortable grip
  • Large Probe Holder includes mounting bracket and cushioned cup that measures 2.5”w x 3.5”d x 4.5”h
  • Metal Bin attaches to the column and measures 18”w x 11”d x 3”h to hold device and supplies
  • Large 4” twin-wheel casters (2 locking) take Zido wherever you need it
  • Zido’s column is offset to the back of the cart base, leaving room in front of the column for you to stand or sit comfortably. The offset column also leaves space to install deeper accessories. Compare to carts with a centered column over a star base
  • Cart comes with one wood cap shelf, one cap shelf bracket, one 2.5”-diameter pneumatic column with holes in 1” increments for accessory installation, rubber column cover, heavy cast metal base, and four casters (4” diameter, 2 locking)
  • Shelves are medium-density fiberboard wrapped in highly durable thermoplastic laminate that resists cracking and chipping and stands up to a wide range of chemicals. Metal surfaces have a baked-on powder coat finish
  • Surfaces stand up to frequent cleaning to support infection control practices
  • Available in two color combinations: Cool Grey metal and laminate (CG/CG) or Slate Blue metal with Cool Grey laminate (SB/CG)
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects; two-year warranty on the column.


Anthro BZD02CG/CG4 Zido Ultrasound Cart. Anthro's height-adjustable Ultrasound Cart is fully customized to support ultrasound equipment. Store your transducer probe in the Large Probe Holder, and conveniently house gels, tisses and other small items in the Metal Bin. The cart's contoured top with 1/2" high lip keeps your ultrasound machine in place while moving from room to room.

Adjust Height for Comfort: Squeeze the Ultrasound Cart's paddle to adjust its height anywhere from 30" to 40". Find a height that's comfortable for you
Fully Customized: Customized specifically for ultrasound systems, this cart has a Large Probe Holder for a transducer probe, and a Metal Bin for other supplies, like gels, gloves and tissues
Contoured Top: A 1/2" high lip runs all the way around the cap shelf to keep your ultrasound machine secure
Smooth Mobility: Large 4" wide twin-wheel casters help the cart travel smoothly and easily, even over tricky thresholds.


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